Scientific Publications

Our applied research has been published in the form of various scientific papers in national and international peer-reviewed journals, the work of our students, as conference papers or as scientific reports. In April 2024 we also launched our very own scientific journal: Nature’s Letters. If you are interested in working with us as a partner or student, please contact:

Peer-reviewed papers:


Arendse, B., Dawson, P., Mels, B. and Brown, M. 2023. Long-term trends from Citizen Scientists: 24 years of breeding success
data of African Oystercatchers Haematopus moquini in the Garden Route. Ostrich, 94: 1-8. Download


Angoh, Y. J., Midgley, J. and Brown, M. 2021. Getting around: Effects of fragmentation on a bird-pollinated Erica species. South African Journal of Botany141: 196-199. Download


Judge, C., Penry, G.S., Brown, M. and Witteveen, M., 2020. Clear waters: assessing regulation transparency of website advertising in South Africa’s boat-based whale-watching industry. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 1-17. Download.


Bestea, L., Whitehead, K. and Brown, M. 2019. The breeding system of Watsonia knysnana (Iridaceae): An Assessment of pollinator effectiveness. South African Journal of Botany 124: 166-172. Download.

Brown, M., Arendse, B., Mels, B. and Lee, A.T., 2019. Bucking the trend: the African Oystercatcher as a recent conservation success story. Ostrich 90(4): 327-333. Download.


Angoh, S.Y.J., Brown, M. and Midgely, J. 2017. Selfing versus out-crossing in six Erica species of the southern Cape. South African Journal of Botany 111: 387–391. Download.

Mackay, B., Lee, A.T.K., Barnard, P., Møller, A. P. and Brown, M. 2017. Urbanization, climate and ecological stress indicators in an endemic nectarivore, the Cape sugarbird. Journal of Ornithology 158(4): 1013-1024. Download.

Witteveen, M, Brown, M and Ryan, P.G. 2017. Anthropogenic debris in the nests of kelp gulls in South Africa. Marine Pollution Bulletin 114: 699-704. Download.


Whittington, P.A., Crawford, R.J.M, Martin, A.P., Randall, R.M., Brown, M., Makhado, A.B., Dyer, B.M., Upfold, L., Harrison, K.H.B, Huisamen, J., Waller, L. and Witteveen, M. 2016. Recent Trends of the Kelp Gull, Larus dominicanus, in South Africa. Waterbirds 39: 99-113. Download. 


Van de Voorde, S., Witteveen, M and Brown, M. 2015. Differential reactions to anthropogenic disturbance by two ground-nesting shorebirds. Ostrich 86: 43-52. Download.

Witteveen, M, Brown, M and Ryan, P.G. 2015. Pseudo-egg and exotic egg adoption by kelp gulls Larus dominicanus vetulaAfrican Zoology 50: 59-61. Download.


Angoh, S.Y.J. 2016. The Birds, the Bees and Erica: Vulnerability of Plant-pollinator Communities in Fragmented Fynbos Landscapes. Masters of Science in Conservation Biology, Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, University of Cape Town. Download

Cloete D. 2023. The impacts of habitat fragmentation of Tsitsikamma Fynbos, South Africa, on avian nectarivore presence, abundance and pollination. Doctor of Philosophy, FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, University of Cape Town. Download

Raynor, L. 2014. An analysis of the impacts of Sedgefield’s 2009/2010 drought response on water security. Magister in Environmental Management, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Centre for Environmental Management, University of the Free State. Download

Schroeter, L. 2015. Caught in the middle: A Reassessment of Shore-Based Linefishery Between Two Marine Protected Areas In South Africa. Masters of Science, University of Bremen, Faculty for Biology and Chemistry, Germany. Download

Whitehead, K. 2018. Functional role of birds as pollinators in the southern Cape Fynbos. Masters of Science in Ecology, School of Life Sciences, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Download

Witteveen, M. 2015. The influence of a changing environment on the breeding biology and diet of Kelp Gulls (Larus dominicanus vetula) in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Master of Science, Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, DST/NRF Centre of Excellence, Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Cape Town. Download

Research Reports:

de Moor, F.C., & Bellingan, T.A. 2011. A survey of macroinvertebrate diversity of eleven rivers in and around the Tsitsikamma National Park, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Download

Du Plessis, S. 2024. Salt River project: Social baseline assessment and stakeholder analysis report 2023. Pp 1 – 78. Download

Huchzermeyer, N. and Powell, M. 2024. Carbon quantification and mapping of the Sout (Oos) River catchment: Progress report – high-resolution spatial landcover mapping. Pp 1 – 45. Download

Nell, W. and Coetzee, H. 2024. Community needs, assets, psycho-social well-being and environmental attitudes in Kurland and Covie, Western
Cape, South Africa: Implications for interventions and community-based conservation. Pp 1-54. Download

Webster, K. 2024. Breeding success of the white-fronted plover: Report on the 2023/2024 breeding season and overall impact of the project. Pp 1 – 17. Download