NVT is a dynamic, innovative and community-driven NPC working at the cutting edge of integrated conservation in South Africa. We operate in four main arenas, namely conservation, education, community engagement and applied research. We take a holistic view of people and the environment, and use our seven programmes to help shape how people live, how they view the world around them, and how they as individuals can contribute to conserving the natural world. Nestled in the magnificent Garden Route, and situated in world renowned Nature’s Valley, we are a passionate group of conservationists that aim to make a practical difference with the work we do.


NVT’s programmes are designed to promote applied research, instigate behavioural change, and drive conservation efforts in the region.

Applied Research: Our applied research spans across marine and coastal ecosystems, rivers and estuaries, forests, fynbos, and urban environments. Through scientific inquiry and data-driven initiatives, we strive to understand and protect the diverse ecosystems of Nature’s Valley.

Behavioural Change: Education is at the heart of our behavioural change programme, aiming to create awareness and inspire action within the community. By fostering a deeper understanding of environmental issues, we empower individuals to make sustainable choices and positively impact their surroundings.

Conservation in Action: Our conservation efforts are tangible and impactful, ranging from habitat restoration projects to community engagement activities. By actively preserving and enhancing natural habitats, we ensure a sustainable future for Nature’s Valley and its inhabitants.

Get involved: Intern with NVT

There are so many incredible ways to contribute to the work we do!

If you’re looking to gain valuable hands-on experience in conservation, then join us on one of our student internship programmes. Perhaps you’re studying in a conservation-related field at university or have recently graduated and need to build up your toolbox of experiences. Either way, our placements are designed to have you out in the field and actively involved in our conservation projects.


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